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Sarah Michelle Speaks

The Making of Sarah Michelle

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The first occult I escaped.... and then one day I woke up 10 years later.. and here we go again. I was emotionally and mentally imbalanced. I was a single mother, with a sick child. My father committed suicide. Battling feelings of rejection, vulnerability and fear. Resulting again to being indoctrinated into the second occult.

Submitted to seducing spirits, being puppeteered through my weakness; losing myself to my leaders selfish gain. This time it was deeper, darker, consuming and seemingly smothering the truth that never stopped speaking. The seclusion from family, twisting of doctrine, 24/7 dictatorship, manipulated living arrangements and plantation like principles; God was not pleased, but if I leave they won’t be either. I had to make a choice, God’s judgment or mans threats.

I was infected and I needed deliverance and healing. Fighting for my life, my daughters life, and a sense of normalcy led me to a way of escape and liberty again in Christ.